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Successfully Serving Our Customers For More Than 20 Years.

Low Voltage Specialist

Here at AM HOUSE, we believe technology should enhance people's lives. Our products and solutions will help build the relationship between business Owners, Employees, Residents, and Customers.

What We Do?

AM House uses 40 years of Industry experience to provide our Customers affordable technology solutions for their projects relating to:

Senior Living

AM House will provide a comprehensive technology …


Protect your Residents and Guests by utilizing the latest in CCTV,…

Commercial Office/Retail

Today, we live in an “AGE OF INFORMATION”. There… 


Successfully Serving Our Customers For More Than 20 Years…

AM House


Our Culture

Here at AM House, we recognize how business has changed over the last ten years because of emerging technologies. CEO’s, CIO’s, managers and work staff need to communicate on a more consistant basis than ever before. AM House has embraced a culture of collaboration for our staff and with years of technology experience, we can create an environment of “collaboration” to assist your team in accomplishing your company’s mission.

The AM House

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AM House

To design a technology solution that encourages a work environment for creativity and collaboration

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